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Come Dance With Us!

Dance speaks volumes without saying a word! When words just don’t cut it, our bodies take the stage to share our untold stories in creative and fascinating ways. The magic of dance isn’t just about fancy footwork; it’s a powerhouse of perks for both the mind and body, including:

  • Physical improvements to balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility
  • Stronger sense of self-discipline and goal-setting
  • Exposure to different cultures and arts appreciation- promoting empathy
  • Increased self-confidence and communication skills
  • Problem-solving and constructive criticism application
  • and so much more!

Dancing isn’t only beneficial when you’re young: adults can also reap a multitude of benefits from taking a dance class! Dancing is all-around wonderful for your physical health- including the added benefit of reducing your risk of osteoporosis- but it’s not just a great workout for your body, it’s great for your mind too! Did you know dancing can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? Let’s give a round of applause to carving new neural pathways through the power of movement. Whether you’re tapping your toes seated or holding onto the barre, dance is the ultimate all-age-accessible fun your body and your mind has been waiting for.

All youth dancers are encouraged- but not required- to participate in our annual winter and spring dance performances. Students also have the option to join additional performance ensembles for more performing opportunities throughout the year. Learn more about our performance groups here.

Registration for Fall ’24 is now open! Scroll down or click here to view the schedule online.

Learn more about our dance policies & dress code below.

Dance Policies

Please note:
If you or your student may require special accommodations to participate in our camps and classes, please contact Sydney Kreuzmann, Program Director, at prodir@fairmountcenter.org prior to registering. Thank you for your cooperation!

About Dance Classes at Fairmount:

Ballet: Focuses on development of body alignment as it applies to ballet technique.  Students will learn how to balance, turn, jump,  and progress across the floor.  Concepts such as musicality and performance quality are introduced in the Ballet curriculum. Itty Bitty Combo classes for ages 2-5 include both Ballet and Tap.

Hip Hop: Learn categories within Hip Hop such as poppin, body waves, locking, krumping, musicality, movement hitting, and more! This training will also help students connect more with music in a fun and structured way. Learn some of the most popular dance moves to popular music.  

Contemporary/Jazz: Develops strong technique, core strength, improvisational and choreographic skills as students gain a better understanding of body awareness, musicality, and character development to improve performance quality. Students focus on learning a variety of contemporary styles including jazz, lyrical, modern, and current-day, cutting-edge choreography.

Tap: Focuses on coordinating rhythmic movement with the feet and ankles. Students will develop speed and clarity in tap sounds while building on steps and rhythms. Itty Bitty Combo classes for ages 2-5 include both Ballet and Tap. 

Pre-Pointe: A preparation class for ballet students interested in dancing en pointe. Students will work on strengthening the feet and ankles through conditioning exercises and barre work. Students complete a Pre-Pointe test to ensure readiness for Pointe shoes.

Pointe: Designed for students with previous ballet training. Students will continue to build foot and ankle strength along with endurance for working in pointe shoes. By Faculty permission only.