Fairmount Center for the Arts has four performance ensembles for dancers who wish to expand their performing skills and partake in additional performance opportunities for students whose passion is dance.

Our four ensembles include the Fairmount Dance Company, Fairmount Dance Company Jr., the Fairmount Hip Hop Crew, and the Spanish Dance Company.

The Fairmount Dance Company (FDC) and the Fairmount Dance Company Jr. (FDC Jr.)

Directed by Kate Webb Berk: Fairmount Dance Company is ballet-focused, with inclusion of conditioning, Pilates, and yoga to complement the well-being of the dancer. FDC & FDC Jr rehearse and perform additional works, both at Fairmount and throughout the community. FDC dancers should be at the Ballet VI – VII level, and FDC Jr. dancers should be at the Ballet IV – V level.

Upcoming FDC & FDC Jr. Performances:

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The Fairmount Hip Hop Crew

Directed by Ryan Rosinski, this performance group for all ages rehearses weekly for community performances during the season. In addition to participating in weekly rehearsals, Crew dancers need to take one other dance technique class of their choosing. No placement audition required.

Upcoming Hip Hop Crew Performances:

Akron RubberDucks Baseball- April 27th

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The Fairmount Spanish Dance Company

Founded in 1972 by Libby Lubinger, The Fairmount Spanish Dance Company- directed by Sandi Bohl- shares the tradition of this dance style through community performances, residencies, and lecture/demonstrations. Spanish Company is by instructor invitation only, please contact us at (440) 338-3171 or info@fairmountcenter.org for more information.

Upcoming Spanish Dance Company performances:

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