Performance Groups

Fairmount Center for the Arts has five-six performance groups for dancers, singers, and musicians who wish to expand their performing skills and partake in additional performance opportunities. Our current dance ensembles include the Fairmount Dance Companies, Fairmount Hip Hop Crew, and the Spanish Dance Company. Our two music/voice ensembles include the Fairmount Youth Chamber Ensemble and the Fairmount Children’s Chorus.

Registration for Fall ’24 is now open! Register online HERE.

Please note:
If you or your student may require special accommodations to participate in our camps and classes, please contact Sydney Kreuzmann, Program Director, at prior to registering. Thank you for your cooperation!

The Fairmount Dance Company (FDC) and the *Fairmount Dance Company Jr. (FDC Jr.)

Directed by Mason Alexander, this is an audition-only ensemble to offer dedicated Fairmount dancers more performance opportunities at Fairmount functions and community events. The Company’s base is contemporary ballet, though we will often branch out to introduce the dancers to other techniques, such as jazz and contemporary dance, to increase their versatility.  Company class will be ballet focused, with the inclusion of conditioning and strength training to complement the well-being of the dancers and to ready them for the movement vocabulary of the repertoire. Dancers are required to read and sign the FDC contract, to be at all rehearsals and performances (unless they have specifically communicated conflicts before auditions), and to pay the costume fee in order to participate. Levels Intermediate Ballet and up are eligible to audition for FDC. Sign up for FDC here.

*FDC Jr. will run in the case of reaching the maximum number of dancers in FDC. Students will be divided into two groups based on age and skill level.

Upcoming Summer FDC Performances:

  • Wednesday, July 17th @ 5pm – Chardon Square ribbon cutting ceremony
  • Saturday, July 20th @ 11am-1pm – The 3rd Annual Fairmount Fun Fest, performance at 12:15pm

The Fairmount Hip Hop Crew

Directed by Dance Director Andrea Belser McCormick. Hip Hop Crew learns additional dances to perform at community events and organizations throughout Northeast Ohio. Past performances include at Fairmount, Cleveland Cavaliers, Lake Erie Captains, and Akron Rubberducks. Dancers must be concurrently enrolled in Intermediate hip hop and participate in weekly Hip Hop Crew rehearsals on Mondays. No audition required. Sign up for Hip Hop Crew here.

Upcoming Hip Hop Crew Performances:

Stay tuned!

The Fairmount Spanish Dance Company

Directed by Sandi Bohl

From the surprising Celtic flavor of Northern Galicia, to the energetic Jotas of Aragón, down to the complex, driving rhythms of flamenco from Andalusia, Fairmount Spanish Dancers bring the infinite variety of Spain’s music and dance to audiences all over northeast Ohio. Guitar, percussion, palmas and song inspire the dancers.

The Fairmount Spanish Dance Company offers exciting and colorful activities that appeal to all ages and reflect the rich culture and history of Spain. Through demonstrations and classes they present the rhythms, music, basic dance steps, brief introduction to castaneting and palmas (clapping), and costumes of each region. The company, founded in 1972 by Libby Lubinger, performs classical flamenco and regional dances from Spain along with some Latin American pieces. Fairmount Spanish Dancer Company has performed throughout Ohio.

Libby Mila Lubinger, founder of the Fairmount Spanish Dancer Company, is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooklyn College. She studied ballet and Spanish dance with Charlotte Steinberg and Lola Bravoi and performed in New York City before moving to Cleveland in 1969. Libby taught at Fairmount since its opening in 1970 until her retirement. She studied Spanish dance with such distinguished artists as Estelle Steinberg, Pascual Olivera, María Alba, José Greco, Nana Lorca, Teodoro Morca, La Conja, Ciro, La Cintia, Ramon Barrul, Carlota Santana and Ilisa Rosal. In 1990, Libby received the Cervantes Award from Cleveland State University for her contribution to Spanish culture.

Beginning students can partake in the Spanish Dance Class held on Sunday afternoons during the fall and winter/spring sessions. Enrollment in both the class and Spanish Dance Company is by instructor invitation only, please contact us at (440) 338-3171 or for more information.

Upcoming Spanish Dance Company performances:

Stay tuned!

Fairmount Youth Chamber Ensemble

Learn how to rehearse and perform as a team! Students will be divided into groups of 2-5 based on level and interest. Prior music experience on the performing instrument required. Performers will learn how to sight-read efficiently, make musical decisions as a group, and lead an ensemble. Repertoire will be decided based on the students’ interest and can range from classical to pop to jazz.  Students will be placed based on instructors’ recommendation, an audition, and genre interests. The Chamber Ensemble will perform at the Fairmount Music Recital and other community events.

Placement Auditions*: Thursday, September 5. Sign up for Youth Chamber here. *All students who audition will be placed.

Upcoming Youth Chamber Performances:

Stay tuned!

Fairmount Children’s Chorus

Learn basic skills like reading music, creating simple vocal harmonies, and following a conductor while building confidence and teamwork.  Perform together as an ensemble at the Fairmount Music Recital and other community events. Sign up for the Children’s Chorus up here.

Upcoming Children’s Chorus performances:

July 20: The Fairmount Fun Fest- RSVP here!