We love to see people shine on stage.

Theatre Classes

Fairmount theatre classes are offered to introduce all ages – preschoolers through adults – to theatre games and improv, scenes and scripts, musical theatre and more! New classes and workshops are offered each session. Summer classes and camps offered!

Camps begin June 1 and classes/workshops begin the week of June 14.

COVID-19 and Theatre Safety:

For most of our camps and classes this summer, if they take place OUTDOORS, masks will *NOT be required *as long as students are socially distanced. Non-distanced students are REQUIRED to wear a face mask, even if they are outside. Students are still required to bring a mask with them to Fairmount, even if their class/camp is outside. Students are asked to carry their mask with them at all times so they may take it on and off as needed.

Any SINGING done in any of our musical theatre classes/camps this summer will take place OUTDOORS ONLY. In addition to being outdoors, students will also be required to be socially distanced AND wear a face mask.

These guidelines are up-to-date in accordance with the State of Ohio and the American Camp Association. They are subject to change. We are working hard to have a fun and safe summer of arts at Fairmount, and we thank you for your cooperation!

Fall 2021 Production: Honk Jr. Registration opens July 26. Fall Youth Theatre program begins Saturday, September 4, 2021.

The Fairmount Youth Theatre program has been a long-standing program which provides children, ages 7-14 years, a supportive opportunity to be in a show and grow as a young actor/actress.