FPAC – Fairmount Performing Arts Conservatory
  Gregory Berlin

A few weeks before former Cleveland orchestra concert master Josef Gingold passed away, he praised the skill of Gregory Berlin in a violin master class.

“He gave me a wink and said, ‘You did a good job today, young man,’” says Berlin. “I’ll always remember that.”

Since then, Berlin has taught violin and viola privately in Cleveland for more than 14 years. He currently teaches at the Fairmount School of Music and the Great Lakes School of Music, and formerly instructed at Mercyhurst College’s Young Arts String Program in Erie, PA. He’s has also performed in several local ensembles, including the Columbus OH Symphony Orchestra.

Berlin’s passion for strings began at age seven. He was taught both the Suzuki method – one based on creating the “right movement” for learning music and creating a positive environment for students to thrive in & the more traditional lesson approach. Berlin teaches violin & viola.

Gregory Berlin