Outreach Education

Whether you are a school, community center, senior living facility, library, or business, we’d love to provide a program for you and bring the arts to your organization! We encourage discovery, learning, and the development of new skills in a friendly and welcoming way. We offer Standard and Customized outreach education programming for all ages, abilities and art interests. Programs are generally offered on a weekly basis for a determined number of classes in a session.  The duration of a class is typically one (1) hour. We also offer one day workshops, camps, monthly classes, and field trip experiences for scout troops, recreation classes, and more!

Standard Outreach Education Programs (established curriculum):

Visual Arts:

Painting (all ages and abilities):  Watercolor and/or acrylic painting mediums used to create images on cards, small canvases, or paper.  

Ceramics (all ages and abilities):  Hand-building techniques, glazing/painting and firing of clay based creations.   

Surprise Art (early childhood): Each week is an art surprise!  Explore paint, paper and clay while making developmentally appropriate art creations.


Dancing Fun (early childhood and school-age children): A lighthearted introduction to various dance styles and choreography.  Includes dance games.  

Tap Dancing (all ages):  Beginner to Advanced Tap Dancing.

Line Dancing (adults and senior citizens):  Beginner to Intermediate Line Dancing.  


Musical Theatre (all ages):  Engage in the magic of musical theatre with acting, song and dance.

Intro to Theatre (all ages): An introduction to acting and theatrical performance.

Scene Study (ages 12+):  Deep dive into select scenes from various productions to  explore a diversity of theatrical genres.


Let’s Make Noise (early childhood):  Discover rhythms, beats and sounds made with musical instruments such as tambourines, drums, shakers, and rhythm sticks.  

Young Mozarts (ages 5-10 years):  Experience a general music overview with lessons in rhythm, solfege, matching pitch, sight singing, instrument families, and musical terminology. Learn about famous composers and play related games.  A great introduction and precursor to private lessons.

Multi-Arts Experiences:  

Music in Motion (early childhood, school-age children and special needs):  Blends movement, basic instruments, and musicality. 

Tales for the Budding Artist (early childhood with accompanying adult):  Dance, sing, play instruments and make art to bring children’s stories to life.


-Yoga (adults and senior citizens):  Basic yoga practice for health and well-being.  Can be in a chair or on a mat.

Early Childhood Yoga (early childhood and school-age children):  A playful and supportive introduction and exploration of yoga.  

Barre Fitness (adults and senior citizens):  Stay fit with a fusion of ballet, yoga, pilates, and strength building.  No dance barre necessary.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for?  

Customized programs available upon request.  Pricing varies and additional fees may apply.

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