The Winter Spring 2022 Gallery Artists Group Show

On display at Fairmount from January 8th – May 21st, 2022, with a closing reception scheduled for Sunday, May 22nd from 2:00-3:30pm.

Gallery Viewing Hours– Please call to confirm viewing availability and for additional possible times: 440-338-3171

Monday: 10am-2pm

Tuesday: 1-3pm

Wednesday: 10am-12pm

Thursday: 12-4pm

Friday: 1-4pm

About the artists:

Terese Berzinskas:

Variations of Foliage and Flora

“The visual arts have been part of my world since a very young age and all through my working career as a teacher and finally as an art therapist. For many years my own drawing and painting had been put on the back burner.  A few years ago after retirement and widowhood, I reclaimed my original passion and slowly began to immerse myself into my art
work.  I am inspired by the beauty found in nature and the perfection of the botanical world that surrounds us.  My artwork has become my refuge and my therapy and my silver lining to the past pandemic months.”

Bridgett Emerson:


Bridgett Crocker Emerson is no stranger to the arts as a professionally
trained flutist with two master’s degrees in flute performance and
music theory.  A completely self-taught visual artist, Emerson pulls the
threads of her expertise within the ephemerality of music into
manifestations of concrete physicality.  Her work focuses on the
abstract, natural themes and subjects, dreams, visions, and even
nightmares.  In her paintings, she is currently exploring the intersection
of indeterminacy and control.  Her most recent photography series
examines the juxtaposition of beauty and loss. 

Some of her work can be viewed at as well as
on Facebook under “Bridgett Emerson, photographer and artist:
Emerson Arts” and Instagram under @bridgchen. 

The world is full of contrasts: beauty and decay, loss and growth,
harshness and delicacy.  In all of my art, I use a variety of techniques to
create realistic, abstract, or dreamlike images that I hope evoke a
response in the viewer, whether that be curiosity, awe, interest,
connection, comfort, attraction, appreciation, knowing, resonance,
disquiet, fear, discomfort, or revulsion.

Bernadette Russ:

My Interpretations

“Being able to paint is a vital part of my life. As often as I can, through each week, I keep a tangible record of images that catch my eye and interest. In quick drawings that fill sketchbooks and in weekly paintings my artwork keeps a diary.
Flowers, landscapes and organic shapes hold my attention most often. My eyes trace the forms and my hand interprets without a preliminary drawing. Watercolor is my favored way to paint. From a bin of watercolors that “don’t work” I rearrange anew as a collage. Creating is a gift that is precious to me. These are my interpretations of how and what I see.”

Kira & Maya Weber:

Art has always been a passion for the twin Weber sisters, Maya and Kira. They shared a love of art while growing up, whether painting at home or taking art classes at school. At their house in Chagrin Falls, Maya’s bedroom was transformed into an art studio full of canvas, oil paints, and acrylics. At school, both enjoyed taking art classes from kindergarten through high school. Even though neither is formally studying art at a college, they still paint and create. Kira, the younger twin, has taken her art and turned it into a business with Etsy called Global Life where she sells her paintings online. Maya doesn’t paint as much, but enjoys filling her free time painting with her sister. She has turned painting into a relaxing lifetime hobby. Their work is similar in that the main medias they use are acrylic and oil paint. Kira likes to add an earthy touch to her art by painting things one would normally see in nature but adds a whimsical element. An example would be the lava octopus and the sleepy bear. Now she has been working on a large canvas full of succulents for the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

The Annual Fairmount Art Exhibition

The 46th Annual Art Exhibition Dates 2022!

Entry Days: July 30th, 2022 & August 1st, 2022

Show Opens: August 8th, 2022

View the 45th Art Exhibition WINNERS!

The 45th Annual Art Exhibition was held August 9-26, 2021.

The 45th Annual Art Exhibition featured 167 works of art displayed throughout Fairmount’s stunning facility.

For nearly 50 years, Fairmount has been serving the residents of northeast Ohio through arts enrichment and programming. In an effort to preserve the past and reimagine the future, the Fairmount Art Exhibition serves as one of the many celebrations throughout the year honoring Fairmount’s rich history and exciting path forward.

The Fairmount Art Exhibit showcases the incredible talent of our region’s most prominent, professional artists. This exhibition is always free and open to the general public and held annually each August.

We look forward to hosting this notable event and celebrating our local and regional artists’ work!

Shown: 2021 Best in Show: “Bird in Hand” by Susan Griffin

Watch this video to see what a Fairmount Art Exhibition is like!

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