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Back to School Workshop: Fit Learning Cleveland and “SymFUNNY”

January 22, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


A special session for parents + hands-on music workshop for children (designed for ages 4-8 years) FREE! But pre-registration is required. 

For the ADULTS: Back to School during Covid 19: Tips for supporting your child’s academic growth and success. Going back to school can be difficult even in the best of times. Returning during a pandemic can make it even harder. Join Dr. Corinne Gist, owner and director of Fit Learning Cleveland to discuss the possible effects of the pandemic on student achievement,  how these effects can be mitigated by developing fluent academic skills, and tips for keeping your child academically engaged during these unprecedented times.

Fit Learning Cleveland, is an academic skill building program designed for every type of learner: average, struggling, gifted, or learning disabled.  P.S. There will be chocolate and coffee.

Learn more about Fit Learning Cleveland by visiting visiting their website.

For the KIDS (ages 4-8 years of age attend while parents attend “Back to School” Session at the same time)
“SymFUNNY” Music Workshop: Children will have fun exploring and creating music! During this 1 hour workshop session, children will explore a variety of musical concepts through creating, listening to and discovering music and a variety of musical instruments! Additionally, children will experience the French Horn and then even create a musical instrument of their own!  Workshop led by Jeannie Fleming-Gifford executive director of Fairmount Center for the Arts and co-author of the book “SymFUNNY.”