We are bringing the ARTS to you. ANYWHERE.

What have you always wanted to learn how to do?

Times have changed.

Maybe you have changed.

Now, is the time.

Let Fairmount connect YOU with the experts in the ARTS via online, interactive sessions. Also the perfect gift for a loved one no matter what their location in the world!

We bring the ARTS experts anywhere!

  • Individual, personalized, attention
  • Customized curriculum (based on an initial questionnaire or conversation between instructor and person)
  • Flexible schedule – the instructor and student to choose the dates and times that work for them. Most sessions take place via Zoom or another, mutually agreed upon, interactive technology platform.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to go deeper into a skill or topic (depth vs. width)

Short-term commitments and long term opportunities to learn and grow through the arts.  

What ARTS experiences are available?

You dream it, we work to make it happen! Whether your bucket list or the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary present or a creative outing for team-building or just for fun, WE work to make it happen, connecting you with the experts!

Examples of the possibilities:

  • Artist Insights. Have you ever wanted to learn from a professional artist? We’ve got the connections. Whether in painting, drawing, photography, or sculpture, let us connect you for the conversation, experience and training in the arts you have always wanted.
  • Dance for a Wedding or for your Living Room. Connect with a professional dancer who can help you choreograph for a special event or simply help you grow in your comfort to dance…wherever you want to move and groove!
  • Music Composition. Do you have a tune you can’t get out of your head? We will help you get that tune down on paper! Work with a composer and learn how compose your own piece of music! Don’t know a thing about music? Don’t let this stop you. Let us help your music composition dream come true!
  • Music Instruction for Kids & Adults: Are you ready to learn a new instrument or gain skills and technique? We offer online, one-on-one personalized music instruction for all ages. Choose from piano, guitar, saxophone, ukulele, voice, and violin!
  • Story Share. Have you wanted to write but not sure where or how to get started? Whether it is your personal memoir or the story you dreamed up the other night, we can connect you to professional writers and published authors that will coach you on getting that story down on paper and then to print.

Who are the ArtsyoU Faculty?

Professional ballerinas. Published writers. Award-winning artists. Composers.

In other words, we offer the experts you are seeking for the area you are looking to learn more about.


Affordable, accessible and customized for YOU! Fee structure: Session duration: 30 min, 1 hour and 2 hours (designed to meet your level of interest, need and optimize your learning and time!).  

Music Instruction:       $25 per 30 minute lesson

ArtsyoU Classes:         $75 – 60-minute session*      $100 – 90-minute session

Since programs are via Zoom, you choose your participation. Same prices whether your Zoom is for one or for a group!  Share the cost with friends/family and make the ARTS happen in a meaningful, interactive and “just-for-you” way! And…you are not only investing in yourself, but in arts and culture! Win/Win.

*Most classes are best experienced by the hour. Some classes, like art-making, may be recommended for 1.5 hour experiences. And…don’t think you are done just because your session ends! Our Faculty are often known to give “homework” that will keep you learning until the next time you connect!

Book 5 sessions (excludes music instruction) and receive 1 additional session free!

Ready to experience the ARTS in a whole new way? Explore our ArtsyoU offerings below and then contact Fairmount Center for the Arts at jeannie@fairmountcenter.org, call 440-338-3171, or click below.