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…all at your convenience.

What is ArtsyoU?

ArtsyoU is an innovative approach to learning to arts—bringing personalized classes to YOU.

ArtsyoU classes are uniquely crafted to align with your personal learning style and creative curiosities. Unlike a typical Fairmount class, ArtsyoU can be fluid in its program elements—schedule, frequency, number of participants, location, or curriculum. 

ArtsyoU can be…

Online or In-Person.

Individual or Small Group.

Curated Curriculum or Create-Your-Own.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Your choice. Your artistic journey.

“Thank you so much for the art class. My friends and I thought it was really wonderful and we all loved it. The kids were engaged and it was just perfect.”

-Karen from Cleveland East Side Moms after doing a curated Zentangle art experience with parents and children creating together!

What arts experiences are available?

You dream it, we make it happen! Let us connect you with the experts in the arts to create your personalized experience.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use your digital camera like a pro? Do you wish you could gather your friends together for a calligraphy class? Would your kids enjoy an art-inspired playdate?  

Choose from a variety of options and we will help you customize a class structure that fits your wants and your lifestyle.

Classes can be created for:

  • The individual seeking a new skill or wanting to get creative
  • Friends or family looking to connect in a unique, fun way
  • Children “doing school differently” —needing an arts-inspired curriculum to complement online or home-schooling
  • Parents wanting creative ideas for playdates
  • Couples looking for unique date night ideas
  • Gift-giving for birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries
  • Corporate teams needing creative and engaging team-building activities

Who are the ArtsyoU Faculty?

Professional dancers. Published writers. Award-winning artists. Accomplished musicians.

We can connect you with the best. Anytime, anywhere!

Meet our Faculty here.

Not local to the Cleveland area? No problem. Our art faculty and students can connect together from anywhere in the world!

ArtsyoU’s reach and impact can stretch far beyond our studio walls.

Get started!

Ready to experience the ARTS in a whole new way?

Explore our ArtsyoU offerings below or contact Fairmount Center for the Arts:


Phone: 440-338-3171

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