About the Fairmount Center

For 50 years, Fairmount has been a nurturing community where people of all ages and interests have come together to discover, learn and develop new skills in a friendly, welcoming environment. Read about Fairmount’s visual art, theatre, dance, and music programming as well as our commitment to arts outreach.

Please watch the 90 second video below to experience the magic in a way that no words can express.

Fairmount — A Community Arts Center that Enriches the Mind and Body

Explore programs for toddlers through seniors. Classes, workshops, music lessons, lectures, camps, speakers series, special events and performances are all offered in a welcoming, friendly environment.

It’s a fun place to learn and feel inspired. It’s a place to create friendships – for kids and  adults. It’s value for time and money. It’s a real community asset that brings people together.

Let us give you a personal tour or jump right in and discover the programs that are right for you. 

Join us!

Rick Solon, President – Board of Directors
Elizabeth Bolander, Executive Director 

About the Fairmount Center