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Brigitte Fiorille

Jeannie Fleming-Gifford

FCA Executive Director

Brigitte Fiorille

Program Director

Gina Riley

Front Office Contact

Robyn Dubinsky

Media/Marketing Manager

School of Art
Brigitte Fiorille David Bunkin Lucinda Wozniak Robyn Dubinsky
Brigitte Fiorille
Director, School of Art;
Children and Teen Art Instructor;
Ceramics Instructor
David Bunkin
Drawing & Watercolor Instructor
Lucinda Wozniak
Workshop Instructor
Robyn Dubinsky
Youth Art Instructor

School of dance
Libby Lubinger Hannah Barna Fredrick Moodie Saundra Bohl
Libby Lubinger
Rec Dance Director & Artistic Director, Spanish Dance
Hannah Barna
FDT Coordinator
Fredrick Moodie
Tap Instructor; FDT Instructor; Kinderdance Instructor
Saundra Bohl
Spanish Dance Instructor
Kate Webb Omar Humphrey Andrea Trimmer
Kate Webb
FCA Dance Instructor, Verb Co. Dancer
Omar Humphrey
FCA Dance Instructor, Verb Co. Dancer
Andrea Trimmer
Tap Instructor
Antonio Morillo Sabrina Lindhout Nathanael Santiago Kelly Korfhage
Antonio Morillo
FCA Dance Instructor, Verb Co. Dancer
Sabrina Lindhout
FCA Dance Instructor, Verb Co. Dancer
Nathanael Santiago
FCA Dance Instructor, Verb Co. Dancer
Kelly Korfhage
FCA Dance Instructor, Verb Co. Dancer

School of Music
David Fuller GregoryBerlin Eric Graf David Gorski
David Fuller
Director, School of Music; Voice Instructor
Gregory Berlin
Viola Instructor
Eric Graf
Cello Instructor
David Gorski
Guitar, Saxophone, Ukulele Instructor

School of Theatre
Patti Susman Joan Bendix Merlynne Hancock Merlynne Hancock
Patti Susman
Director, Youth Theatre Lab (YTL)
Joan Bendix
Music Director, YTL
Merlynne Hancock
Choreography Director, YTL

Exercise & Fitness
Beatrice Parker Ed Niam Ann Thompson
Beatrice Parker
Zumba Instructor
Ann Thompson Michael C. Frost Ann Thompson Ann Thompson


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