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School of Art at Fairmount believes that recognizing the natural talent of artists at all ages of development is the starting point of art education. The unique variation of each student's talent is highly valued.

Fairmount Center's faculty seek to refine, challenge and teach important skills as they relate to specific media and each evolving stage of artistic development - while promoting the natural expression of the human spirit through the powerful language of visual art. Believing that self-expression naturally leads to self-confidence and a sense of identity, nurturing the artist enhances the individual's ability to meaningfully contribute to the greater community. Faculty is encouraged to value each other and to promote excellence as they teach students and continue to create their own work.

Our Gallery is the next logical place for students to showcase talent as it evolves. We provide opportunities for professional artists, emerging artists, accomplished students, and faculty to exhibit their work.

We invite you to refine, renew and begin to express yourself in an art class. Develop an admission portfolio, paint in watercolor, acrylic and/or oil paint. Relax and enjoy the art of ceramics.  Enjoy sharing irreplaceable time making art with your toddler and/or preschooler.  We will brighten your days creating together.  Please join us!

January 8 - March 11 (9 weeks)
Young Weaving (1wk) | 
Age:                        5 to 9yrs
Day/Time:                Saturday, February 3; 10am-12pm
Instructor:                Brigitte Fiorille
Fee:                         $25
Choose your favorite colors in various yarn and ribbons to weave into a little piece of art. Basic techniques will be used as early artists learn to use a board loom and enjoy this unique opportunity to explore their creativity in the fiber arts.

Animal Dishes (1wk) | REGISTER HERE
Age:                         3 to 6yrs
Day/Time:                 Saturday, February 10; 10am-12pm
Instructor:                Brigitte Fiorille
Fee:                         $25

While it’s piling up outside, come warm up together in the ceramics studio and create several animal plates featuring your favorite animals using a simple technique in slab, texture, and applique. This is a one visit class, with plates being clear glazed and available for pick up following the class. Caregiver welcome.

Dragon Sculpture (3wks) |
Age:                        10 to 14yrs
Day/Time:                Friday, January 19, 26, & February 2; 6-8pm
Instructor:               Lucinda Wozniak
Fee:                        $65

Work out the anatomy and imagination in Dragons Through sketching and then transform them into a clay sculpture. Elements of good composition for successful 3D clay form will be discussed along with highlights in detail and texture. Dragons will be finished in the last class with acrylic and metallic paints.

Weaving (3wks) | REGISTER HERE
Age:                        10 to 14yrs
Day/Time:                Friday, February 9, 16, & 23; 5-7pm
Instructor:               Brigitte Fiorille
Fee:                        $65

Warm up for an evening as you warp and weave on a small board loom to create a small mat that is as enjoyable as practical to use under your favorite cup. Loom set up, weaving techniques and application of backing will all be covered to create a finished piece. No experience needed!

Mug Mats (1wk) | REGISTER HERE
Age:                        15 to Adult
Day/Time:                Friday, February 9; 6-9pm
Instructor:               Brigitte Fiorille
Fee:                        $35

Create a small weaving on a board loom that can be finished off as a decorative piece or small pouch (great size for a phone). Basic weaving terminology and techniques will be covered along with details in sewing to finish off edges and making of added elements such as handles and tassels.

Paint & Clay (4wks) | 
Age:                        18months to 2yrs
Day/Time:                Tuesday, January 9-30; 10-11am
                               Tuesday, February 13 - March 6; 10-11am
Instructor:                Brigitte Fiorille
Fee:                         $45

Paint, paper, glue, and clay! Create lasting memories with your child as you explore the nature of various materials together. Designed to connect with the investigative flair and enthusiasm of these very young artists, projects introduce recognition in terms, materials, and process. Projects will be different for each series of classes.
Caregiver required.

Young at Art (4wks) | REGISTER HERE
Age:                        3 to 5yrs
Day/Time:                Tuesday, January 9-30; 1-2pm
                               Tuesday, February 13 - March 6; 1-2pm
Instructor:                Brigitte Fiorille
Fee:                         $45

What a super fun time to be an artist! Young ones in this class can begin to learn the language of art and discover their creative self. Experience a variety of art mediums and techniques in paint, clay, collage, printing and more. Specifics in use of terminology, material handling, creativity, and art observation are incorporated. Projects will be different for each series of classes.  Caregiver optional.

Elements in Art (9wks) | 
Age:                        5 to 9yrs
Day/Time:                Tuesday, 4:30-6pm
Instructor:                Robyn Dubinsky
Fee:                         $145
Enhance knowledge of art concepts and creativity through observation, discussion, and creation. Projects are designed to provide an exploration into a variety of media and techniques in drawing, painting, fiber, ceramics, paper making, printing and more. Emphasis is placed on the use of art terms such as color, pattern, shape, and composition. Imagination encouraged! 
Clay Foundations (9wks) | REGISTER HERE
Age:                        9 to 14yrs
Day/Time:                Thursday, 4:30-6pm
Instructor:                Brigitte Fiorille
Fee:                         $160
Develop your creativity with the basic techniques of handwork, wheel throwing, and glazing in guided projects and independent work.  Learn to work with the full process of clay from recycling to the kiln and all the amazing things between.  Structured projects will be presented along with time for free-play to explore personal creativity. All skill levels welcome.

Drawing & Watercolor (9wks) | REGISTER HERE
Age:                        9 to 14yrs
Day/Time:                Monday, 4:30-6pm
Instructor:               David Bunkin
Fee:                         $145
This basic and intermediate class will cover a "how to" approach using creative styles of teaching in drawing and painting.  Explore the use of materials as you discuss subject matter as shapes and forms, learn how to shade, use light perspective.  Unique styles in watercolor from abstract design to color theory will be incorporated.

Watercolor (9wks) | 
Age:                        15yrs to Adult
Day/Time:                Monday, 10am-12 pm
Instructor:                Kathy Oravecz
Fee:                         $185
Experience the exciting medium of watercolor as you learn to see composition in terms of line, shape, color, texture, and value. Gain skills to develop your artwork in grid drawing, spatial relationships, use of light and shadow, representational or abstract design, and traditional watercolor techniques. Class time will include projects along with critique and development of personal style. Beginners through advanced levels welcome. Supply list available at registration.
Beginning Drawing (9wks) | 
Age:                        13yrs to Adult
Day/Time:                Monday, 6-7:30pm
Instructor:                Kathy Oravecz
Fee:                         $135
Develop drawing skills in form, perspective, shading, and portraits. Work is first focused on pencil use and skill building approaches followed by evolution into color working with colored pencils/watercolor. Designed to provide artists with all abilities and experience with the opportunity to learn. Materials available or bring your own.

Drawing & Watercolor (9wks) | 
Age:                        15yrs to Adult
Day/Time:                Monday, 6-8pm
Instructor:               David Bunkin
Fee:                         $185
This basic and intermediate class will cover a "how to" approach using creative styles of teaching in drawing and painting.  Explore the use of materials as you discuss subject matter as shapes and forms, learn how to shade, use light perspective.  Unique styles in watercolor from abstract design to color theory will be incorporated.

Oil Painting (9wks) | REGISTER HERE
Age:                         13yrs to Adult
Day/Time:                 Wednesday, 6-8pm
Instructor:                 Linda Merchant
Fee:                          $185
The traditional medium of oils gives a translucency and versatility to artwork like no other. Learn how to use oil paints without solvents as you develop layers which allow for a sense of realism in light and form. 11x14” canvas board and materials provided or bring your own. Beginners through advanced levels welcome.
Studio Ceramics (9wks) | 
Age:                          15yrs to Adult
Day/Time:                  Thursday, 10am-1pm or
                                 Thursday, 6-9pm
Instructor:                 Brigitte Fiorille
Fee:                          $210, 2 hours/9wk session
Fee:                          $310, 3 hours/9wk session
Students in this class are supported to develop an independent focus and direction of work. Technique demonstration and projects are offered to learn and explore the process of ceramics.  “New to clay” students can be guided through a beginning curriculum of projects. Kick and electric wheels are available. Raku firing as weather permits. All skill levels welcome.


Fairmount Gallery

'Little Escapes'
Solo Art Exhibition by 
Erica Raby
**Click on image for Facebook event**
"I titled this show Little Escapes because that is how each small canvas felt to me while working on them.  Discovery, experimenting, and play interest me with the forms and materials I use.  These mixed-media works intuitively use a variety of materials – acrylic paint, watercolors, colored pencil, graphite, collaged papers, pen, and marker.  And at times, I set works aside and may not know what to do or add for a year or so.  The abstract environments are sometimes “too cute” or have a “sweet” color scheme.
I hope each piece is an escape for the viewer as well."
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Brigitte Fiorille̩
Brigitte Fiorille̩
Art Studio Manager
"Graphic" by Brigitte Fiorille
"Renewal" by Susan Gray B̩
"Glasstree" by Dicc Klann
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